25 de out de 2009

Next target: World Domination

In recent weeks, I attended a remarkable expansion Blog Androceu around the world. Our battalion of elite, composed of great warriors, is already very close to the conquest of Europe. In total there were 14 European countries that fell into our cunning trap.

In the Middle East we had dominated a country that was once dominated by the United States: Iran. Speaking of the United States, have long time since they were put back, as well Mexico and Canada (it is the end for NAFTA). Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago were easy targets for our group. In South America, the Chilean and the poor Argentines were humiliated. Only Uruguay and Paraguay have not yet been conquered, but it is only a matter of time.

In the east, we have at our command the most powerful Asians: Japan, and Taiwan. It remains now to find space in Oceania and Africa. Our warriors will easily master the power of words in these wonderful continents.

Our mission, dear foreign visitors, is just about peace. We're very proud and honored that people from the entire world come to visit us. But I believe that, unfortunately, you just fell here by mistake. Be welcome and know that we desire the Spottacio Entity released around the world.

For all you guys: Sambá, Caiperiña, Moolata e Futból

Message of FODA
(Federation Organization of Declaration Association)

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Alan disse...


Max disse...

Com certeza!!!

E já tenho até o slogan da campanha: Império Androceu: comandando o mundo do NOSSO jeito!

Zine Qua Non disse...

"Spottacio Entity". Adoooooooro!